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Paul Western-Pittard - Importance of social media relationships

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Paul Western-Pittard

Author Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Spotlight Author Interview - Paul Western-Pittard

You have a great twitter following. (In excess of 42.5K followers) How important are your social media relationships that you’ve formed? Do you see a carry over to your writing success?

That’s such an interesting question. I wasn’t very active on social media sites until the beginning of this year, and in truth I was quite skeptical of the whole thing. Like many authors though, I realized the need to build this ubiquitous so-called ‘platform’ and understood that social media would be key to that.

I chose twitter because it felt like it was the most accessible forum for making connections and sharing information. I’m relatively inactive on Facebook, Goodreads etc. but plan to change that next year. I like using Twitter because it’s a great way to sample across other reader’s and writer’s views, and good broadcast point if I have any news to share. It’s become central to how I communicate now.

In terms of carry over, it hasn’t much affected sales but it’s definitely increased awareness and helped enormously in connecting to other writers and publishing people. Most of the authors I interview on my blog come from Twitter connections - or referrals from them - and through that I’m able to get a much broader understanding on the state of indie publishing than I ever could if I tried to research it.

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Paul Western-Pittard - HBS Author's Spotlight Interview

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