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Diane Capri - Boxed Sets Gain Marketing Exposure

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Diane Capri

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

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Spotlight Author Interview - Diane Capri

Why did you bundle several of your novels into the Licensed to Thrill Boxed Set?

Idea: “Convenience is probably the number one reason readers choose sets instead of buying books individually. Readers who enjoy reading an entire series like having all the books together in one file on their eReaders, which makes the individual books easier to find and also easier to read in order of publication.”

Objective: “Every decision I make about marketing my work is always about serving readers, so I arranged to publish the sets in groups that would appeal to them. I included bonus content and priced the sets below the cost of purchasing the books individually. More titles increase author visibility on the various retail sites; sets make it easier for readers to find my work in all formats.”

Results: “Set buyers are a smaller audience segment so sets are not as popular as individual books and don't sell as many copies. But for readers looking for the full series at a great price, sets are an ideal solution for both of us.”

Licensed to Thrill - A Diane Capri Mystery Thriller Sampler

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Ebook Marketing: Boxed Sets are Gaining Exposure and Sales

Spotlight on #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Diane Capri @DianeCapri is the author of The Hunt for Reacher series.

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