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David Brin - Using Video in Your Marketing Effort and Entertain at the Same Time

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David Brin

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Spotlight Author Interview - David Brin

I enjoyed watching your Youtube presentations. What advice can you give to authors about the importance of using video in their marketing effort?

Authors, Marketing, Video and Entertainment. We are entering an era when it will be rare for written fiction to stand entirely alone. Oh, I love the power of the autonomous novel. But it is becoming easier to enhance the experience. For example, in EARTH I included "links" (way back in 1989) that already crudely expanded the main storyline and that could now pop over to broad experiences - and some young artists want to do that.

The best recent example was my collaboration with the great web artist Patrick Farley (electricsheepcomix.com) on a gorgeous and very dramatic 3 minute video trailer for EXISTENCE. At the opposite end are YouTube spoken missives that range from simple chapter readings to advice for new writers and freshmen heading off to college.

Always the goal remains the same… to entertain. To have folks go: "Huh… interesting!" And for them to want more.

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David Brin - HBS Author's Spotlight

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