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Jinx Schwartz - Book Marketing using a Reader's List

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Jinx Schwartz

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult/tweens, Historical/Western, Humor, Chicklit

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Spotlight Author Interview - Jinx Schwartz

How do you use social media programs to build a reader list?

Other than the signup link for my newsletter on my website, I build my readership by meeting great new readers on Facebook. I'm getting more on Twitter, as well, but Facebook is where you build a rapport with new readers, and also meet other authors who will share your work with their readers. I am also on the others, like Goodreads and Google+ but have not quite mastered them. Another great way to meet people are Yahoo Groups.

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How Do You Develop and Use a List of Your Readers? - HBS Author’s Corner STUDY

Award-Winning Author Jinx Schwartz @jinxschwartz is the author of the Hetta Coffey series.

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