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Cheryl Bradshaw - Book Marketing using a Reader's List

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Cheryl Bradshaw

Author Genre: Mystery/Thriller fiction novels

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Spotlight Author Interview - Cheryl Bradshaw

How do you use social media programs and other tools to build a reader list?

I'm mainly on Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter for most of my interaction with fans, and usually only promote on there once a month when I run a BookBub ad. If you're constantly promoting, you'll lose your existing fans, and you'll be unfollowed. Twitter is a great place to connect with fans, meet new people, and meet fellow authors. I resisted signing up at first, but now I have almost 50,000 followers, and I tweet almost every day. On Facebook I promote through targeted ads which point back to my Facebook author page and sometimes also link to a new book or one of my novels. It's inexpensive and effective, and I've found it's a good way to reach my demographic. Through targeting you can isolate your ad so it only shows to potential readers in your genre, thereby giving you the best bang for your buck. I use Constant Contact for my emails/newsletter list.

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How Do You Develop and Use a List of Your Readers? - HBS Author’s Corner STUDY

Amazon Best-Selling Author Cheryl Bradshaw @cherylbradshaw is the creator of the Sloane Monroe series and the founder of the hugely successful Indie Writers Unite group on Facebook.

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