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Chrissy Anderson - Getting Book Reviews

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Chrissy Anderson

Author Genre: Chick Lit, Romance, Humor And Comedy

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Spotlight Author Interview - Chrissy Anderson

What is your method in Getting Book Reviews?

My method for getting reviews is simple- Every time a new person *LIKES* my facebook page, I post a message directly to them on my page thanking them for *LIKING* me and I ask for them to leave a review on Amazon (I provide the link making it as easy as possible for them) and tell them I’ll look for the review the next day. The acknowledgment and the call-to-action usually results in a speedy AND good review. Also, because of the true life love triangle storyline of The List Trilogy, I get a lot of personal emails from women asking me for advice. I’m quick to reply and I always ask if they’ve left a review on amazon. I constantly reiterating that I rely on reviews for sales and that I’m grateful for the time and effort it takes to leave one.

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Getting Book Reviews: The Methods Award-Winning Authors Use – A Study

Chrissy Anderson @AskChrissy writes Chick Lit, Romance, Humor And Comedy novels.

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