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James Moushon - How to expand your Twitter message past 140 characters

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James Moushon

Author Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

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Spotlight Author Interview - James Moushon

How can you expand your Twitter text message past the 140 character barrier?

Use the Twitter picture feature.

First, create an extended message to add to your regular tweet and save it as a jpg file. I use a simple ‘Paint’ program. A picture frame with the size of 500px by 245px fits nicely on the screen. This size will hold a message of 12 lines and over 1000 characters using 12pt TNR.

Of course, the extended message can be longer but the reader has to expand the view to read the entire message.

Next, create your regular tweet. Remember when you add a picture to your message; the message can only be 116 characters long.

Sample tweet with extended text: 

Book Boxed Sets Gain Exposure and Sales - A Study x Outstanding Authors HBS Authors Corner http://bit.ly/1fOKXQH #RT

James Moushon @jimhbs is a Mystery and Esponiage author. He also writes several industry blogs including eBook Author’s Corner, HBS Author's Spotlight, HBS Mystery Readers Circle and the Top Shelf Author Advice blogs.

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